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Spring is in the air. The sun is shinning, the air is getting warmer, what a wonderful feeling. Looking...

Patient Testimonial

David Jones was having trouble getting comfortable at his desk while at work with his progressive lenses. He was having to place his head in different angles in order to see his computer screen clearly, resulting in a sore neck. He came down to our clinic...

New Arrivals – Blue Blocking Reading Glasses

Spend lots of time on your tablet, phone or maybe sit in front of your computer all day. Come down to Killarney Optometric Centre and check out our new blue light blocking reading glasses. Help protect your eyes from potentially harmful blue light, with 3 layers...

NEW 2017 Eyewear

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  • 20170120_132210_resized
  • 20170120_132426_resized
  • 20170120_131047_resized-3
  • 20170120_133451_resized-1
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  • 20170120_132952_resized-1

Here is a small sample of our new 2017 eyewear. Feel free to come on down and check out our new eyewear selections.