Hoya Vision Tour

Hoya Vision Tour


On September 28th, Gail Fisher (Office Manager) and Liana Bessant (Lab Supervisor) had the unique opportunity to fly to Toronto to tour Hoya Vision Canada's Mississauga lens/coating manufacturing plant. They were invited by Hoya Vision to represent Killarney Optometric Centre at Hoya Vision's 10th anniversary celebration of Hoya's Mississauga plant. The invitation included a Gala celebration and tour of the Mississauga plant.

The first evening consisted of the Gala celebration which was hosted by Rick Campanellie (from TV's Entertainment Tonight). The Gala had 4 keynote speakers. Ahmos Henry who is the president of Hoya Vision Care Canada, who showed great passion for the company and credited the employee's for the company's great success. Cristina Martins who is the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Economic Development and Growth. Yasunori Nakayama who is a consul general from the Consulate-General of Japan in Toronto and Dr. Laurie Capogna, OD who is the founder of Eye Wellness and co-author of Eye Foods books. Entertainment consisted of Susie McNeil, Canadian pop rock singer and song writer.


The following day Gail and Liana were given a tour of Hoya Vision's lens and coating plant. Gail stated "If you ever wanted to know why some lenses and coatings cost more then others, why some lenses are "better" than others, or why you can't have your glasses in an hour. We have seen it first hand and WOW!!"

Hoya is the fastest growing company in the optical industry. Their superior technology has made their lenses and coating unsurpassed in quality, durability and visual clarity. The number of machines for each process and how clean everything is kept is admirable. There is always someone wiping down the machine before the next lens is put in. All employees are dressed in white lab coats and whenever a lens is handled the employee wears white cotton gloves. If there is even a minor flaw or spec on the lens the lens is rejected even if the lens is in the very last stage of processing. This explains why there can be delays as only superior quality gets to the shipping department. That is what we as consumers and eye care professionals have come to expect. You do not get that with one hour service or online purchases!!


The Anti-glare coating machine created by Hoya's technology is what sets them apart from their competition. Hoya is so protective of this technology that no photography was aloud in this room. This machine is the best anti-reflective coating machine in the world. Their Super Hi Vision EX3 coating (which many of our patients wear) has 13 separate layers applied one at a time to the lens, after each layer the lens has to go through an alkaline bath, air dry and repeat after each layer. During this process no hands touch the lens. The room where the coating takes place is kept locked, the temperature is controlled and the humidity is controlled! Factors like temperature and humidity affect how coating adhere to the lens material. This is why when you purchase Hoya lenses, you will not see anti-reflective coatings separating or "peeling off" lenses. Once per week, this state of the art anti-glare machine is taken apart, vacuumed, parts are sandblasted and then put back together, once per week! This is to ensure that no dust particles will ever come in contact with the coating of a lens.

A box store or online store choose a pre-made and pre-coated lens that is simply cut down to the shape of the frame. The Hoya lenses are custom made and coated for the specific frame you choose.

Gail and Liana feel so fortunate to have been able to see this technology at work. From now on when the lab calls to say a lens "didn't pass inspection' or there is a "delay", our staff will have a much better appreciation of why. Instead of saying "another 3 days" we are grateful for the quality control. After all we expect nothing but the best for our patients!!

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